The main component of ENVIRO₂PRO is a mixture of silicon oxide, aluminium oxide and plasma treated graphite, which holds its lubricating characteristics even at temperatures up to 1200°C. This composition is manufactured according to a unique method of activating each single component. The use of the ENVIRO₂PRO mixture leads to the formation of a firmly, adhering antifriction coating on the surfaces of rotating or moving engine parts or other metals, with a long-lasting, supporting effect with a low friction coefficient. It forms a permanent chemical bond on the friction stressed metal surfaces, whereby both attrition and friction are reduced and the durability and lifespan of the metal components are increased significantly.

How does it work?:

On the basis of nano technology, a new principle for the extended durability of friction surfaces has been realized by reducing the friction losses of engines and e.g. gearboxes. A micro modification of the friction surface has been achieved by a self-regulating process during the relative motion between to surfaces and the usage of the released frictional energy.

With the application of ENVIRO₂PRO to the friction zone, active centers of nano-crystalline structures are formed on the damaged parts of the friction area, by using the frictional energy. These nano-crystalline structures are basically micro modified metal layers which renew themselves continuously. Together with the metal surface, this micro modified layer forms a firmly, elastic crystalline structure and a momentum which leads consistently to the simultaneous destruction and renewal of the intermediate coating.

The characteristics of the micro modified layer can be influenced by the ratio of the mixture. For higher frictional forces and high temperatures a modified coating between 3 to 700 mm is created and the of the mixture has multiplied considerably.

The self-regulating process:

The wear protection layer renews itself constantly. This self-regulating process depends on the quantity of frictional energy released. On one hand, this energy is used to build up the micro layer and on the other hand to disintegrate it. The balance of disintegration and build up (of the outer “elastic” layer) begins at a clearance of 1-1.5 μ between the friction surfaces and leads to a decrease of the friction coefficient. The clearance between the friction surfaces is limited and may not deviate by more than 25 % from the design size of the machine parts. The size of the micro layer lies between 0.0001 and 0.1 mm. The micro layer keeps its characteristics, independent of the oil change. It extends the lifetime of the aggregate substantially as well as the lifetime of its lubricant.

What effect is achieved?

Two stages can be distinguished in the process. At the first stage, system compatible cleaning of the micro layer takes place in which it is freed from damaged particles caused by attrition, combustion residues and other contaminants. At the second stage the direct synthesis of a multi-layer on the entire friction surface takes place. Due to the coating the friction surfaces of the particularly stressed friction zones are enlarged and the coating subsequently spreads to all rotating surfaces. Depending on the size and the contact forces the surfaces of the rotating parts will be renews. During the formation of the layer the temperature within the friction zone is decreasing and the formation of the coating slows down until it stops completely. The self-regulating layer has been formed.

The syndicated surface of the metal consists of three layers:

1. A renewable layer that unifies with the metal surface due to a crystalline net structure
2. Elastic interface
3. Wear protection due to a low friction coefficient, as well as high durability and abrasion resistance.

The formed layer has a high elasticity by using ENVIRO₂PRO. It also has good protection abilities against electro chemical corrosion. The damaged parts on the surface are renewed and if friction appears the layer protects this surface.

ENVIRO₂PRO concentration is less than 0.0001 % and works on the Nano-scale. This mixture leads to a self-regulating oil molecule connection. The oil molecules arrange each other and a flexible, elastic net structure are formed by this connection, which adjust the working parameters. This technology regarding Nano-tribological wear protection structures has been patented. It is the mixture of a wear protection layer and a method to form an elastic, flexible interface adjusting to its working conditions, on the frictional surfaces.
This technology is used in combustion engines and mechanical working processes like gears, bearings and so on.

The knowledge is based on the tribological method of surfaces. Based on the fact two interacting surfaces in relative motion cause friction, and this lead to abrasion and attrition and it will result a high deficit of energy and material. A surface treatment or a special construction could decrease this deficit. The lubricant has to support these arrangements. The payload and the attrition safety is dependent on sliding bearing shells and viscosity, the tiredness endurance is dependent on trolley and viscosity and the additives, the cleaning and the crack safety is dependent on cog wheels, viscosity and the crack payload of the lubricant.

ENVIRO₂PRO is successfully used as a construction element for surface treatment in e.g. new cars and trucks.

ENVIRO₂PRO is no solid matter or lubrication add-on in traditional way. It does not change the chemical recipe or the formula of the lubricants in the engine.