Enviro2 offers an intelligent scientific solution for all mechanical applications where friction and emission play a substantial role in the overall ecological performance. The traditional way of reducing wear and friction is the use of lubricants. However the capabilities of these lubricants is limited, especially when it comes to the reduction of wear and the capability to lower emissions (in internal combustion engines) at the same time. ENVIRO₂PRO offers the solution to a long lasting protection against substantial wear. Apart from that, ENVIRO₂PRO offers a considerable reduction of greenhouse gas emissions when used in e.g. combustion engines. ENVIRO₂PRO is a consumer and Industry Award-winning product and is the result of extensive nano-engineering and testing in various independent test institutes. Furthermore, the product has been certified by TüV Thüringen (Germany). The actual characteristics have been repeatedly demonstrated in both field and laboratory tests in order to demonstrate its unique characteristics. ENVIRO₂PRO is suitable for all lubricated combustion engines. It is also suitable and highly effective in lubricated environments like transmissions, gearboxes, drive-trains and bearings in order to reduce wear and tear.