What are typical ENVIRO₂PRO applications?

ENVIRO₂PRO can be mixed with any crude oil raffinates such as oil, grease or synthetic oil etc. The mixture however is specifically defined to each application. ENVIRO₂PRO provides a system-compatible friction reduction and increases the wear protection of drive units and mechanical operating processes with metal friction surfaces. It can be applied in any oil-bearing aggregate, if friction reduction is requested. The carrier oil of the product is adjusted to the lubricants of the aggregate (engine/gear/differential).

What makes ENVIRO₂PRO so effective?

It’s function is to clean the friction surface and to protect it against further wear and adherence of fouling.
1. step: cleaning and build-up of a wear protection coating
2. step: optimisation of the wear protection coating
ENVIRO₂PRO can be used in all kinds of typical combustion engines. Contaminants like carbon particles, resin and lacquer, are completely dissolved. These contaminants are then removed by the oil filter. Therefore the replacement of the filter is mandatory after the cleaning process (the 1. step). (attention! In new engines the first step is not valid)
Simultaneously a coating is formed on the friction centres, where it protects the metal surfaces against wear and reduces the friction. (the 2. step) Elastomeric bonds and other gaskets are not affected.

In drive trains, gearboxes and bearings, the application of ENVIRO₂PRO reduces wear and friction, and forms a protective coating on the frictional surfaces.

Why is engine, gear and differential treatment recommended?

ENVIRO₂PRO reduces the wear in aggregates. Therefore less fuel is required and fewer emissions are produced. E.g. a forwarder, with a fleet of trucks, benefits from the lower fuel consumption and the reduction of emissions. For this reason it’s of a substantial advantage to prepare the engine as well as the rest of the drive train such as gearbox and differential.

Why does ENVIRO₂PRO take time to be effective?

ENVIRO₂PRO operates in several stages. Each active component has its’ particular function. ENVIRO₂PRO requires sufficient compression, temperature and time to form the complete effect. The level of contamination and how the engine and/or gearbox is operated are, amongst others, time determining factors. A concrete time frame for each treatment and/or typical application cannot be defined.
The engine of an ocean liner requires around 600 rpm and ENVIRO₂PRO comes to a full effect after about two months. A truck engine runs at between 1000 - 1500rpm and a driving distance of about 700 to 1000 km for ENVIRO₂PRO to come to its full effect.

Can ENVIRO₂PRO cause any damage to the engine?

No, that isn’t possible. ENVIRO₂PRO neither changes the chemical composition of lubricants nor consists of any destructive substances.
The modified active components are:
- amorphous silicon dioxide (SiO2)
- aluminium oxide (Al2O3)
- plasma treated graphite (C)
Particle size approx. 14 nm / surface approx. 100-150 m2/g

Does the application of ENVIRO₂PRO limit the manufacturer’s warranty period?

No it doesn’t. The manufacturer’s warranty remains completely intact when the approved lubricants are applied. The basic quality of the lubricant remains intact, as its composition is not modified.

Is ENVIRO₂PRO certified?

The effectiveness ENVIRO₂PRO has been proven and certified by the “TüV in Thüringen (D)”
- {PBN:8141.076.04 MR}
- {PBN:8141.076.04 GR}
For the ENVIRO₂PRO mixture a particle diameter of approx. 14 nm was determined.
{OKN: 8141.055.07}
The Lübeck Technical College determined a potential force of the coating of approx. 12000N {PBN: KT-TB4(3)-2007}.
The Saint Petersburg University achieved comprehensive documented evidences of conformity. (All certificates are available as downloads)

What is the appropriate oil dosage?

Please always take the oil capacity of the aggregate in consideration when applying ENVIRO₂PRO. For further information regarding your personal situation, please contact us at info@enviro2.com.

Does the use of ENVIRO₂PRO make an regular oil change interval void?

ENVIRO₂PRO performs the task reducing wear and friction. Appropriate additives are added to the lubricant, which use themselves up continuously. The lubricant ages and loses its effectiveness over time. The first signs are a reduction of the base-capacity (TBN) and its viscosity. The use of ENVIRO₂PRO reduces wear and the frictional surfaces are protected. The mechanical, thermal and chemical strain of the lubricant is reduced. The detergents won’t be used up as quickly as before and therefore the life-span of the lubricant will increase substantially. ENVIRO₂PRO delays substantially, but won’t supersede an oil-change.

Does an oil change remove the Nano-particles and consequentially the effect of ENVIRO₂PRO is lost?

The active components of ENVIRO₂PRO attach to the metal surface of the engine. After the formation of a wear protection coating, no free Nano-particles are left behind in the lubricant. The product efficiency remains up to five oil changes, depending on the usage of the engine.

Is ENVIRO₂PRO an additive?

Any lubricant contain additives. In high performance lubricants the additives can make up to 30% of the total volume. ENVIRO₂PRO isn’t an additive, it’s an oil which is complaint to the equipment regulations or manual. Please refer to the safety data sheets on this website.

Can ENVIRO₂PRO be mixed with other oils?

ENVIRO₂PRO can basically be mixed with all oils. It is important that the oil is comparable and of an identical category (mineral oil, semi-synthetic oil, full-synthetic oil, biogenic oil). Please note the manufacturers oil specifications. This applies especially for vehicles with an modern catalyst. Should you use specific lubricant, oils or greases, please contact us. We are able to combine the ENVIRO₂PRO-mixture with any lubricant-medium.

Does the effect of ENVIRO₂PRO differ when used in new engines or In used engines.

ENVIRO₂PRO “renovates” the frictional surfaces in the engine. The frictional surfaces of vehicles with a high millage or operational hours show more signs of wear as the frictional surfaces of new engines. The effect from ENVIRO₂PRO works especially well on used engines. The cleaning and regeneration of the frictional surfaces is one of the capabilities of ENVIRO₂PRO. In new engines this feature is of lesser effect. Of course all the other benefits from ENVIRO₂PRO will remain like reduced fuel consumption, less emissions, longer service intervals, etc.

What is the thickness of this wear protecting layer?

The balance between the dissolution and composition of the elastic layer starts with a distance between the frictional surfaces of 1 – 1,5μ and leads to reduction of the frictional coefficient. The distance between the frictional surfaces is limited and cannot be larger than 25% of the intended distance by the constructor. The thickness of the layer lies between 0,0001 and 0,1 mm.


ENVIRO₂PRO is a mixture of three different components based on Nano-Technology. They display their full effectiveness when they work jointly together. In a unique method, the separate components are prepared, combined and activated. This process is unparalleled, patented and represent a large portion of our know-how. The mode of operation and impact are depending on these unique components, their special structure and concentration of the active substances.