On the SOₓ emissions a lot can be achieved on sea going vessels. The below text is a part from page 129 of the PDF “Study of greenhouse gas emissions on ships” by the International Maritime Organization from 31st of March 2000.

“Emissions differences between the modes are most noticeable for SOx (Figure 6-8). The fuel sulphur contents for marine bunkers are much greater than distillate diesel fuels used by truck and rail modes. This results in SOx emissions per k.tonne cargo that can be 6 to 26 times higher for ships than for land-based modes.”

The positive effect on SOₓ emissions by the application of ENVIRO₂PRO is obvious. Field tests with this Nano-Technology have already shown that the SOₓ values reduced substantially after application.
Furthermore the results were long-lasting and the test results stabile over a period of more than one year.

This doesn’t mean that transport by truck or railway is environmentally harmless. This study only displays the huge difference between the various modes of transport like; truck, railway or shipping.