Construction machinery

Construction machinery require preventative maintenance to ensure a trouble free operation at all times. Under all conditions of operation and service, engine oil needs to perform without complaining. Such wide performance standards require that the oil be refined to meet exacting specifications such as viscosity, viscosity index, pour point, cloud point, flash point, fire point, ash, carbon residue, colour and resistance to oxidation and corrosion.

Apart from other factors (fatigue, oxidation, corrosion, etc.) which jeopardize smooth operation, the engine oil is subject to operational contamination (water, chemicals, dirt, dust, air, etc.) and gradual deterioration as well. The burning of the gasoline or diesel fuel itself yields a host of chemicals which find their way into the crankcase oil.

When a pound of gasoline is burned, about a pound of water is produced. Combustion also creates oxides of nitrogen from the air, and these oxides may form acids. Small amounts of carbonic acid, sulphuric and sulphurous acids, lead sulphate, compounds of chlorine and bromine, and other complex compounds may be formed. If combustion is incomplete, aldehydes are formed, and when knock or detonation occurs, even more complex reactions take place.
Additional contamination takes place from the heavy ends of the fuel which reach the crankcase during cold engine operation.
Therefore it is crucial that your engine oil is in a good condition to ensure a proper engine operation.
The unique properties of ENVIRO₂PRO will have a substantial positive impact on the condition and state of engine oil and ensures a cleaner combustion process which on its turn won’t contaminate the oil as much as it would do without the application of ENVIRO₂PRO.