The products which ENVIRO2 has to offer, have the capability to really make the difference when it comes to protect the environment we live in. Our innovative, state of the art and scientifically clever product ENVIRO₂PRO will assist the global industry in achieving their goals to successfully reduce global greenhouse emission. Furthermore, apart from other advantages, it will reduce operating costs from all kinds of combustion engines (big or small) substantially. The development, engineering and manufacturing of ENVIRO ₂PRO is all done in Ulm, Germany.

ENVIRO2’s main goal is threefold. First we have taken up the challenge to globally distribute our main driver of our business; ENVIRO2PRO. If you are interested in taking up the challenge as a distributor for your region or country please contact us at info@enviro2.com. We will then discuss all the ins and outs for a successful and long term cooperation. Secondly we are driven by the fact that in the near future the Nano-technology will bring even more environmental and financial benefits for our customers. Therefore we invest time, money and enthusiasm in the research and development of this technology in order to be able to extend our product portfolio with state of the art products. Our research and development department is constantly seeking for new ways to involve nano-technology in the broad field of tribology. A better understanding of the topographic “landscape” of frictional surfaces in combination with thermodynamic and lubricious properties of various lubricants and assisted by the unique characteristics of ENVIRO₂PRO will ensure our customers economic benefits and ecological advantages. And finally we offer our customers solutions in order to understand, test, monitor, document and interpret the results achieved. In order to do so, we offer on-site or in-house training solutions for our customers to understand and handle the different testing and monitoring equipment we offer.